Thursday, November 30, 2006

Virgin Voyage

You might have seen Keely's blog, Keely's Faery Good Advice. Well, as her humble scribe, I've decided I need to tell my side of the story, too. Keely can be a bit, shall we say, pushy at times. Nevertheless, she's a good-hearted faery and I'm happy she lets me write her stories.

Now I've joined another blog, believe it or not, called Unusual Historicals with Carrie Lofty and Delia DeLeest. Nothing like a bazillion blogs!

And here's my upcoming release (I post my book cover everywhere!!!):




EFlynn said...

Not to be subtle or anything, but I really like blogs where I don't have to wait five minutes for the blog to open (the dangers of dial-up, and yes, I KNOW I have to upgrade). Hint. More!

Jacquie said...

Uh, does that mean it did or didn't take five minutes to load?

Jacquie the pathetically confused