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Western Round-up: Three Readers' Lucky Day!

We Have Winners!

Thanks to MK McClintock for rustling up the Western Round-up Giveaway Hop!

I gave away three sets of the Hearts of Owyhee series -- yes, all three books in the series -- to three lucky winners! 

This was a fun blog hop and many thanks to all the readers who took the time to read our blogs and leave comments.  Of course, with all those men in chaps, I'm not sure how much of a sacrifice it was. LOL!

And the winners of the Hearts of Owyhee series are ...



Danielle B

Hearts of Owyhee
#1 Much Ado About Marshals 
#2 Much Ado About Madams
#3 Much Ado About Mavericks
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Western Roundup Give@way -- 25 Participating Blogs!

Ah, Those Cowboys...

Do you love Western Historical Romance?  I read across the board, but Western Historical Romance has always been at the top of my favorites.  What red-blooded woman wouldn't swoon at the sight of a trail-hardened, buff cowboy?

You can win
a Kindle copy of all three books in the
Hearts of Owyhee series!
Yes, the entire series! (See below)

Of course, those very same men have been known to cause a ruckus now and again.  After they've been out chasing cows for a while, they're ready for a little action of the rowdy kind.

(1) D. W. Wilder, Annals of Kansas (1882)
The typical cowboy wears a white hat, with a gilt cord and tassel, high-top boots, leather pants, a woolen shirt, a coat, and no vest. On his heels he wears a pair of jingling Mexican spurs, as large around as a teacup. When he feels well (and he always does when full of what he calls "Kansas sheep-dip"), the average cowboy is a bad man to handle. Armed to the teeth, well mounted, and full of their favorite beverage, the cowboys will dash through the principal streets of a town, yelling like Comanches. This they call "cleaning out a town."
What about those barroom brawls?  Gotta have one, right?  Here's one from Much Ado About Madams ( Hearts of Owyhee #2):

Lucinda - heroine.  She's a suffragist schoolmarm whose students, to her surprise and dismay, are six soiled doves and their cook.
Reese - hero.  He never wanted a brothel but now that he inherited one, he has to make sure the ladies are protected.
Fannie - the madam.
Holly - one of the girls.
Midas and Titus - twins.  Reese's righthand men. 

Excerpt from Much Ado About Madams

Love for a dollar. But then, Lucinda had no love at all.

Shouts and a loud crash shattered her thoughts. The floor shuddered beneath her feet. She heard thuds and swearing. The piano music stopped.

Before she could think better of it, she ran out the door, peering over the stairway railing at the melee below. Men punched each other—others sailed over tables, only to pull themselves up and jump into the fight again. They brawled with no thought to messing up the place.

She flinched as one of the twins pulled a man off Holly and punched him in the midsection, then whapped him right in the jaw. He lifted her off the floor and gave her a hug as he pushed her into the storeroom. How sweet.

The big Swede waded back into the fray, and grabbed a lanky cowboy who was about to bash his brother on the back of his head with a beer mug. Much to her dismay, Lucinda realized she’d gone halfway down the stairs. Just as she turned to run back up, someone caught her from behind, dragging her down right in the middle of the fight.

She tripped on her skirts and fell to her hands and knees, heart racing. Something clunked her on the back of the head and fell to the floor beside her. She shook the stars out of her brain and grabbed the offending object—a broken chair leg. She had to get out of there! She came up swinging, trying to make her way to the storeroom to join Holly in relative safety.

Men fell like flies, some knocking her this way and that, some apologizing, all jumping into the fray again. Midas and Titus fought like animals, each taking on two men at a time. Fannie sat on the bar flailing a table leg at any noggin within reach. Felicia crouched at the end of the bar, kicking the feet from under all men who came near.

Lucinda had just made it to the storeroom when Reese burst through the front door, hollering for everyone to calm down, then jumping into the fracas himself. He picked out the biggest, meanest looking man in the room and punched him right in the nose. The bald, muscle-bound brute shook his head, then charged Reese.

He’ll kill Reese! Lucinda grabbed the rope coiled on the whiskey barrels. She’d seen cowhands rope steers, and the man Reese was fighting was a whole lot bigger.

She wound the end of the rope around her wrist a few times, then twirled the loop in circles over her head just like the cattlemen did. But the bar was in the way.

Reese grunted as he took a hard jab to his stomach and another to the chin. She had to do something! She hitched up her skirt, jumped onto a box, then onto the bar.

“What the hell are you doing here?” shouted Fannie.

“I’m going to rope that awful man!”

“Get to it, then, girl!” Fannie cracked another brawler who made the unfortunate mistake of falling within the reach of her flailing table leg.

Lucinda twirled the lasso over her head again, and again, waiting to get a clear shot.

Reese connected with another punch and dodged the hulk’s roundhouse right.

“Christ, woman, throw the damned rope!” Fannie demanded. “He ain’t gonna last long against that bull!”

She threw the rope for all she was worth. But it went up instead of out—falling onto the floor. With as much haste as she could muster, she re-coiled the rope and searched for a better vantage point. The stairs!

She jumped off the bar, ran up the stairs, and threw the loop.

Just then, Reese punched the burly monster in his jaw and both men fell to the floor.

The rope sailed through the air, hooked over the chandelier and fell to the floor again. Reese stepped into the loop and tripped.

“On, no!” She ran down the stairs to untangle him, but the rope tightened around her wrist and jerked her up in midair. The other end of the loop that had captured Reese’s foot jerked him upside-down, swinging next to her.

Much Ado About Madams is the second books in the series, and you could win all three!

Hearts of Owyhee

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Check out all 25 blogs for some fabulous prizes!!! Special thanks to M.K. McClintock for organizing it!

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New Site for Books!


My guest today is Mickie Sherwood (thanks Mickey!), author of Louisiana Hot Sauce.  She's created a cool new site where readers can browse and authors can entice us.  It's a gorgeous site, so let's just turn things over to her and she'll explain what it's all about.

I love to create sweet-to-sensual mainstream romantic love stories. Now, I have a place where readers and writers of sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance can congregate. A favorite line of mine from a movie is: "If you build it, he will come." Well, I've built it. Now, please come!

Feel like something sweet, sugary and satisfying? Or something satisfying, sweet and spicy? Come to my garden where sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance blurbs blossom. The pickings are blooming at Blurbs in Bloom.

If you would like an easier time of finding a sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance, then Blurbs in Bloom is just the place for you.

Readers, browse to your heart's content.

Authors, submit your blurbs that meet the posted submission guidelines. I need blurbs to showcase on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Become a blooming blurb benefactor. Don't disappoint your sweet-read readers.

Subscribe. Become a follower. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Now, enjoy this blurb from my first sweet, spicy romantic love story.

Louisiana Hot Sauce
by Mickie Sherwood


Reclusive Mesha Rayburn's safe haven disintegrated when athletic Jack Connolly raced into her life. He was like an uninvited guest to her pity party. Yet, his brashness stoked her dormant emotions and injected spunk into her veins with every bated word. And—calling the cinnamon-skinned Black woman "biggety" didn't help matters.

Mechanic Jack Connolly thought the trip down South to patch up and retrieve the bullet-ridden helicopter would be a pain. He never imagined the rhetoric becoming reality. But, thanks to Mesha's panicked outcry, it had. The pain radiating in his palm bothered him less than the one in his rear. She was bold and so beautiful. He had to know why she hid out in the boonies. As her transient tenant, he intended to find out at the risk of feeling the sting of her Louisiana Hot Sauce temper.

Louisiana Hot Sauce ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Check out Mickie's blog and her website for great books and some terrific recipes!  And be sure to take a look at Blurbs in Bloom!

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The Most Unsuitable Wife, by Caroline Clemmons

Everyone knows I'm a fangirl of Caroline Clemmons, so I asked her to visit my blog today--and here she is, talking about one of her books that's on my Keeper shelf!

Caroline: Love a good historical family series that combines mystery and romance? I have the very book for you!

The Most Unsuitable Wife is Book One of the Kincaids, and is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

The Most Unsuitable Wife is about a marriage of convenience that blossoms into a true love match. The idea for the book came from a tiny kernel in the form of a story my grandmother once told me about a girl in her hometown who quit school because of all the rumors and teasing she was forced to endure. Although my grandmother didn’t know what happened to the girl, I wanted the poor girl’s story to end well. Each of us deserves happily ever after, right?

Here’s the blurb:

Wanted: one completely improper bride.

Even if Drake Kincaid had placed such an advertisement in every paper in the country, he couldn’t have found a better candidate than Pearl Parker...which is fine with him. After all, his parents’ will stipulates only that he marry by his thirtieth birthday, not that he marry well. And no one--including Drake’s grandfather, the man determined to hold him to the ridiculous provision--could possibly think tall, bossy Pearl with her ragtag siblings and questionable “cousin” Belle will make a good wife. Until Drake realizes that in her startling violet eyes he sees a beautiful woman with a generous soul...

Their life together may not have started with hearts and flowers, but Drake and Pearl will soon learn that real love--with a breathtaking dose of passion--will make their marriage a true romance.


"What do you mean, stay here?”

Pearl had wakened cocooned in the hazy glow following a night of intermittent lovemaking with her husband to find him dressing for the ranch. Then he dropped a bombshell on her.

"You know it's not safe for you to be on your own. Ranch is too isolated. You'll be safer here in town.” Drake stomped his feet to settle each in the boots he wore. He retrieved a blue chambray shirt from his bag and donned it.

"For how long?” Pearl slid from bed and grabbed her nightgown from the floor.


She whirled on her husband, confronting him, "You never intended for me to move to the ranch, did you?” She yanked her nightie on. No one could argue buck-naked.

"Don't get riled. Women hate the seclusion. You'll be happier in town. Things to do here and people about you.” Drake shoved his shirt into his twill pants without looking at his wife.

She stepped toward him and pointed at her chest. "What do you know about what makes this woman happy?"

A crooked smile broke his face. "Aw, I know what makes you happy, all right. Didn't I keep you happy all night?"

She shrugged away the comment aimed to distract her. "Did you ask me which I prefer? No.” She hoped her glare chilled his randy hide.

His voice softened, placating. "Pearl, be reasonable. We don't know who's tried to kill you and your family. Someone might be trailing you right now, waiting somewhere and watching the house.”

He met her gaze. That muscle twitched in his cheek, letting her know he was less than happy with this conversation. Well, that didn't bother Pearl in the least. Some things needed talked about.

He walked over and put his hands on her shoulders, then took a deep breath and continued, "Look, the sheriff and his deputy as well as several of the town's leading citizens will be looking out for any newcomer. I talked to the owners of the livery stable, the hotel, the mercantile, all the places I could think of that a newcomer would stand out. If any strangers come around asking questions, the sheriff will find out immediately. You and Sarah will be safer here."

"You're taking Storm with you?” She hugged her arms, sensing a lost battle.

"Yes, um, with your permission. I can't see him attending teas or shopping here in town. Besides, he's a big help to me."

Her head came up and her hands fisted at her hips. "And I suppose Sarah and I are just so much baggage?"

"Now, I didn't say that and you know it.” He held up a hand, palm out, as if to stay her fury. "But you have no place rounding up cattle and getting ready for a drive."

"It's true we don't ride, but we could learn.” She could learn anything, given a chance. She suspected no chance would come.

"There's no time to teach you. 'Sides, it makes the cowboys and vaqueros nervous to have women around the cattle. They think it's bad luck. And I can't leave the two of you at the house with only the housekeeper to help you."

She sagged in defeat. "Okay, Drake. I'll stay here for now, and I'll try not to shame you. But this is only until we know there'll be no more meanness against my family. Don't think you can keep me waiting too long," she warned.

His face broke into a smile of relief. "You'll see. By the time this is over and things calm down, you'll like this sweet life so much you won't be able to tear yourself away from Grandpa's house."

"Too much sweet gives a body a belly ache."

Ignoring that and stepping close, he kissed her on the cheek then nuzzled her neck. "I'll be sleeping tonight in a bedroll on hard ground. Give me a kiss to remember."

Something to remember. She'd give him something to remember all right. She raised her mouth to his, let him plunder with his tongue. Her tongue did some plundering of its own as she moved her body against him. When their kiss ended, the heat of passion darkened his eyes.

"When you're sleeping on the hard ground, all alone, you remember that, husband.” Head high, she turned and walked into the dressing room.
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