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#CoverReveal Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch (Honey Beaulieu-Man Hunter) #western

Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch
(Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter)
by Jacquie Rogers

Announcing the cover for Honey's release on March 12, 2016!  This series has been percolating in my brain for a long, long time.  The original idea file's date stamp is August 16, 1998.  That snippet didn't even end up in this book--it'll be in the next book.  Honey has undergone a name change, but her character has remained the same.  Bits of her has gone into other heroines over the years, but Honey is Honey.  Ain't nothin' sweeter.

So why did this take so long to get written?  Because it's a genre blend, and utterly unmarketable to the large publishers in 1998.  So I traveled a more tried-and-true route.  Now, it's time for a bit of Honey.  You might say this is a mash-up of Gunsmoke, Sex in the City, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost.  I hope you enjoy her.
She's Gritty! 
She's Funny! 
She's Honey Beaulieu!

She's bold
Honey Beaulieu grew up in her mama's whorehouse, the Tasty Chicken, which serves up the finest food, whiskey, and women in Wyoming Territory, but Honey takes after her crack shot Pa--and she doesn't back down from anyone or any thing.

She's brash
Determined not to make her living on her back, Honey does her best to keep the peace in Fry Pan Gulch, but a deputy’s salary won't buy her a home. Once she's adopted by a donkey and then a pickle-eating mule, she sets out to collect a bounty on one of the town's annoyances.

She's got brass
The owlhoot leads her on a dangerous chase.  Can Honey persevere despite a wise-cracking ghost who manages to disappear when she needs him, and a handsome U.S. deputy marshal who doesn’t seem at all put off that she’s so scrawny?

Don’t miss this rollicking ride into the Old West—order your copy of Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch today!

There ain't nothin' sweeter than Honey.

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#NewRelease HAVE WAND - WILL TRAVEL #western #fantasy #romance #99cents

New Release!

Have Wand - Will Travel

What happens when you mash up Have Gun - Will Travel, Narnia, and The Princess Bride?  You get an awesome single read...

“A fun-filled western adventure full of bullets, magic, and laughs!”
—Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Award-winning Deadwood Mystery Series

When her grandfather is ensorcelled and Beavers of Extraordinary Size threaten the ranch, Nora resorts to hiring a mage, Tremaine Ramsey. But are they playing into the evil Gharth’s hands? Can the magic of love prevail? 
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Rancher Nora Castle can deal with the fire darts and the damage caused by the Beavers of Extraordinary Size, but when her grandfather is ensorcelled, she knows this is a job that requires more than her warrior training. At her mentor’s urging, she sends for his old friend, Tremaine Ramsey. But when the tall mage, dressed in all black, arrives at the ranch, she has a hard time keeping her mind on her business. Can such a handsome man lift the spell without enchanting her heart? 

Tremaine Ramsey, gunman for hire, answers a distress call from a woman rancher in the Sawtooth Mountains, but soon realizes she needs more than his gun—she needs a mage. He’s drawn to her beauty and her spirit, but his powerful father had been defeated by a seductress, so Tremaine has sworn off women. Can he uphold his vow of chastity long enough to defeat the evil sorcerer? Or will the magic of love prevail? 
"Jacquie Rogers' Have Wand - Will Travel delivers a spirited, non-stop adventure with a cast of unforgettable characters—Tremaine, a handsome magician turned hired gun, cursed by a vow of chastity … Nora Castle, a buxom, shapely-figured warrior worried about her ailing grandfather … and Abraxus, a rambunctious stallion-turned-centaur-turned unicorn armed with a crossbow. Together, this unlikely trio battle giant beavers, an army of menacing griffins, and huge centipedes on a treacherous mission to confront the lethal and evil sorcerer Gharth and rescue a jeweled casket."
Tom Rizzo, author of Last Stand at Bitter Creek

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