Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Six Crazy Romance Writers: LASSOING A GROOM #NewRelease #HistoricalRomance

Lassoing a Groom
Prairie Rose Publications

I’m so excited that I sloshed my Arbuckles all over my keyboard! Lassoing a Groom was released today! I’m bouncin’ around like a goat kid on catnip to be included with five other talented authors in a new anthology from Prairie Rose Publications. Wait... I don’t think catnip does much to goats. No matter, since kids have springs in their hooves. The other five crazy hombres are: Kirsten Lynn, Tracy Garrett, Kristy McCaffery, Linda Hubalek, and Kathleen Rice Adams. If you knew these gals, you’d be as excited as I am— or runnin’ fer cover.

Speaking of goats, Lady Jane Grey and Cleopatra horned their way into my story, “Don’t Go Snaring My Heart.” So did two dogs, Max and Minnie, a mule named Princess, and Jethro, the killer chicken. I have no idea how Jethro got in there, but he has his own ideas about things. Just don’t ruffle his feathers and you’re relatively safe.

What are these stories about? Just that—getting a husband bagged good and proper. My heroine, Betsy Lynch, doesn’t use a lasso. Her preferred method of catching men is a snare. Was she any good at it? Well, she was good enough to make into this anthology. But she wasn’t aiming for a husband. She did teach a lesson or two to some claim jumpers who wanted her silver mine, and it’s not her fault Dex Madsen came along at the wrong time. Or was it the right time?

I have to say, every single story in Lassoing a Groom is a good read—whether fun or dramatic, all are sigh-worthy. Here’s the blurb:

Lassoing a Groom

How is a woman supposed to catch a husband? In the wild, wild west, she’s got to find a way to Lasso a Groom! Some of them are lawmen…some are outlaws. Ranchers and homesteaders are fair game, as well—none of 'em safe from love’s lariat, or the women who finally manage to rope ’em in!

Don’t Go Snaring My Heart
Jacquie Rogers
Can rancher Dex Madsen get past loner Betsy Lynch's goats and killer chicken to help save her mining claim and win her heart?

Race to Marry
Kirsten Lynn
He’s in town to tame a man-killer. She’s accused of being one. When she proposes marriage the race is on.

WANTED: The Sheriff
Tracy Garrett
He’s a confirmed bachelor…but she’ll capture his heart.

Canyon Crossing
Kristy McCaffrey
In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon. When U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty rescues her from a cliff side, her most guarded secret might save them.

The Perfect Homestead Bride
Linda Hubalek
Will a dangerous man from Gussie Hamner’s past sabotage the future she’s building with Noah Wilerson?

The Worst Outlaw in the West
Kathleen Rice Adams
An inept bank robber and a bossy spinster team up to rob an empty vault. What could go wrong?

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