Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Expand Your Mind

Read a good book lately? I mean non-fiction. I found a great little book that's both educational and fun to read. It's:

Shamanism: What It's All About
by Norman W. Wilson PhD
ISBN: 978-1456329358

This wonderful book is a collection of essays and articles by Dr. Norman W. Wilson, who has been intrigued by shamanism and its practices since he was seven years old. He describes everything from a shaman's tools and their uses to the four stages of shamanic trances. His emphasis on mind-body-spirit was very enlightening.

The material is presented in a linear format indicative of Dr. Wilson's background as a top-notch educator, so while the tone is scholarly, the reading is compelling, and I could hardly wait to get to the next essay. This work doesn't speak to any particular religion, but shamanism in general, with emphasis on North American shamanism.

Shamanism: What It's All About is an intriguing work. Kudos to Dr. Wilson, and I look forward to his fiction series, The Shamanic Mysteries.