Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's here! CHRISTMAS CARING II #NewRelease #Charity

Christmas Caring II
A Christmas Charity Short Story Anthology

Do you love Christmas stories?  I do!  And I love to write them, too.  This year, I joined forces with bestselling author Kirsten Osbourne and  17 other fabulous writers to pen new stories for this year's anthology to benefit the Legacy Initiative of Utah.

Who should read this book.
All stories are sweet so appropriate for any age.  Buy on Kindle or, if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, read it for free!

About Christmas Caring II
First I'll tell you a little about the anthology and list the story titles and authors, then I'll talk about my story, Holly Jolly Courtship, which is near and dear to my heart, and why.

This anthology, full of fun Christmas short stories by bestselling writers and new-comers alike, is bound to get you into the Christmas spirit. All proceeds will be donated to Legacy Initiative of Utah. This book includes:
1. A Christmas Masquerade
by Kari Trumbo
2. All I Want for Christmas is a Zombie
by Steve Pantazis
3. A Matter of Kin
by Jenna Eatough
4. Today I Am Santa Claus
by Martin L. Shoemaker
5. All the Swears
by Alyson Peterson
6. Wings for Christmas
by Kevin L Nielsen
7. Golden Moments
by Linda Carroll-Bradd
8. A Bride for Christmas
By Carra Copelin
9. Just in Time for Christmas
by Annie Boone
10. Christmas Angels
by C.S. Martin
11. Kaitlyn’s Christmas
by CJ Samuels
12. Fireballs for Christmas
by Lorena Dove
13. Merry Molasses Mayhem
by Danni Roan
14. The Christmas Doll
by Kay P. Dawson
15. Holly Jolly Courtship
by Jacquie Rogers
16. His Christmas Rose
by Peggy L. Henderson
17. Red Rock Christmas
by Rain Trueax
18. A Cowboy's Christmas
by Amanda McIntyre
19. Magical Memories
by Kirsten Osbourne

And now about Holly Jolly Courtship.
Yep, it's based on the true story of how my parents met.  Only thing is, they met 70 years after this story is set, and instead of driving a new buggy, my dad was driving his first new car.  Another difference is that Mom lived with another sister, but she wasn't enthused about a 15 year-old girl dating a 20 year-old man, so Mom moved to her other sister's house.  The story take place over a few weeks and ends at Christmas, but the real story took a year to get to that point, and another year before they actually married.

I've wanted to write this story for a long time but didn't because it seems so implausible.  Yet, it really did happen, along with a few more incidents that I didn't have room in the limited word count to include that were just as implausible.

I never tire of hearing family stories.  They're always so fun and so special.  I hope you enjoy this story and the 18 others in Christmas Caring II: A Christmas Charity Short Story Anthology.  And thank you for supporting the Legacy Initiative of Utah.

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