Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Booksignings--Idaho Style!

Homedale first,

then Boise

The ninth story of Faery Special Romances is Faery Hot Date. Judith Laik and I had a Faery Hot Date at Paul's Market in Homedale, Idaho. As a matter of fact, Paul's Market is one of the settings of Faery Hot Date! Here it is!

The best grocery store in Idaho carries the most delicious chorizos outside of the Pyrenees, bar none. Lots of old friends came to visit. Special thanks to Jo, Florence, Florence, Wanda, Linda Rae, Colleen, Roberta, Jim, and my other Homedale friends. (Yes, I have a terrible memory, but hey, I was having a great time!) Special thanks to the manager of the Homedale store, Kevin. Thanks also to Stan Zatica.

Tresa Hiatt and Mercedes Rice put together baskets for our giveaways. We drew two names from all those who stopped by our table. The baskets were beautiful and had lots of great stuff in them.

Here's a picture of Judith and me looking like important authors. Judith signed The Lady is Mine and The Lady in Question. I signed Faery Special Romances, and we both signed Blue Moon Enchantment, an anthology in which we both have stories. Judith also signed her children's books.

Okay, you caught me. This picture was taken at Hastings Books in Boise. Special thanks to Marge and Tim for visiting us. And no thanks to my cousin who just had to have his 35th wedding anniversary on the same night as my booksigning. LOL. Congrats Pete.

The next picture is of my helpers: Baby Mo, Mercedes, and Yana. They helped make Faery Good Bath Salts. In fact, the whole Faery Good Bath Salts concept is Mercedes's idea. What a wizard she is!

Royalties from FSR will be donated to Children's Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through Research.

And of course, where would I be without the sister-of-my-heart, Tresa? She's my research assistant, hostess, chauffeur, and life-long friend.

What a fun time we had!

Of course, there wouldn't have been a we without my critique buddy, traveling companion, and all-around nice person, Judith Laik. Thank you, Judy.


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Royalties go to Children's Tumor Foundation,
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