Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In Her Bed by Deborah MacGillvray

In Her Bed (The Dragons of Challon - Book 2)
Deborah MacGillivray
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0821780377

Deborah MacGillivray introduced us to Damian St. Giles in A Restless Knight. Who was that delicious man who disappeared, leaving us sorely enticed? Now we find out where he's been. In Her Bed isn't a sequel to A Restless Knight since both books take place simultaneously. Hey, and we thought Tamlyn and Julian had issues. Ha! Just imagine the blow to Damian's ego when he finds out Lady Aithinne Oglivie has used him for stud service.

Aithinne is desperate to secure the future of her holdings, and to do that, she must produce an heir. She sends her twin brothers and her protector to procur a good specimen. Damian, drugged and spelled by Oona, can't believe his good luck when he's seduced by the woman whose image he's loved for years. He thought, at first, it was the Lady Tamlyn, but even though he's a bit miffed at his treatment, he finds Aithinne even more irresistable. Lady Aithinne, on the other hand, isn't the slightest bit interested in having any man claim her or her lands. And she's not at all amused when Damian tells her that King Edward has granted her lands to him.

Let Ms. MacGillivray take you on a journey through sensuality, betrayal, and true love. In Her Bed is the second book in MacGillivray's Dragons of Challon series, but can be read as a standalone just as well. (I don't know why anyone would want to miss the first book, though.)

For a true page-turner, I highly recommend Aithinne and Damian's rocky road to true love.


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