Monday, December 17, 2007

Introducing Sonika

Introducing Sonika
by Eilis Flynn
ISBN: 978-1419914225
Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Remember Elektra? She was one butt-kicking ninja assassin and highly popular Marvel Comics superheroine--certainly one of my favorites. Well now Eilis Flynn has given us Sonika. She's sexy, she's compassionate, and she's dedicated, but stamping out crime and defeating her arch-villain is her first priority. Most of the time.

Sonya Penn wasn't an ordinary orphan when her parents died on her sixteenth birthday. No, she was a superheroine in training. Her parents, Velocity and Sounder, were killed in pursuit of evil villain Gentleman Geoffery. Now, twelve years later, Sonya has dropped all pretention of going into the superheroine business for lack of training, and maybe will, too. She's now a physical therapist and her goal is to pay off her late aunt's medical bills.

Meet client John Arlen. It wasn't easy--she had to crawl through a window to do it. Arlen's a wealthy man but is obsessed with getting his anti-gravity machine to work so he can kill the man who murdered his father and maimed him. Turns out that his enemy is the son of the man who murdered Sonya's parents; hence, the call to adventure.

Introducing Sonika is a seamless blend of the comic book world with the Happily Ever After of romance. We have a sexy, uber-intelligent hero who's protective, even though Sonika could, indeed, kick his ass, too. Depth and complexity of character along with non-stop action make this book a must-buy for any reader who's looking for romance, but kicked up a notch.

I'm hoping this is only the first in an Eilis Flynn superheroine series because I can hardly wait to read the next one.

reviewed by Jacquie Rogers

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