Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cathie Dunn sent me the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award

I'm the happy new recipient of The Irresistably Sweet Blog Award, granted by the super-talented author and genuinely nice person, Cathie Dunn.  Since this award involves strawberries, I'm more than happy to accept.  Thank you, Cathie!

Cathie lives across The Pond but I'm thinking we should get her over here to do a booksigning.  We both have relatives in Idaho so that sounds like a good place to start, right?  I mean, it really saves on hotel bills.  Then, I'm sure the Scots are all just dying to read my western romances, so maybe I ought to do a booksigning in Scotland, too.  I'll be out on the corner with my tin cup collecting for the trip. 

My other blog, Romancing The West, is a lot more active than this one.  That's because it's aimed at Old West research as well as featuring western authors.  My author blog (this one), is for my fantasy books, non-western writer friends, and pretty much whatever I decided to post here.  Sometimes it's active, sometimes I get busy and my poor author blog is the first thing that's neglected.  Naughty me.

Each person who receives (and accepts) The Irresistably Sweet Blog Award has to post seven random facts about themselves.  Whew, baby, that could get dicey.  But here we go.
  1. I adored 4-H when I was a kid, and I had a cow named Cleopatra who was such a good show animal that we won All-Around Grand Champion Showman at the Owyhee County Fair.  She got in trouble, though, because she kept stealing little kids' ice cream cones--her favorite food.
  2. Learning to ride a bicycle was a trial.  I could go straight, but crashed if I had to turn.  Because of this, my baby brother had to have several stitches on the back of his head (several times).  He lived.
  3. My first horse, a Shetland Pony, was the spawn of the devil.  You can read about one of our adventures at My Personal West.
  4. When I was a kid, all I could think about was getting off the farm and moving to a city.  Now that I live in the city, I write about the country, and I always love going back to Idaho.
  5. I was raised by a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Pinkie.  She was the best dog in the world. Ever. 
  6. Most of my life, I've been heavily involved in politics, but at this point, I do everything in my power to ignore all the goings on, and recognize the same campaign rhetoric (sometimes word for word) that we used 25 years ago.  Somethings never change.  Let them play the game--I'll make up fiction that's actually called fiction.
  7. Speaking of fiction, I never wanted to be a writer.  My first heart's desire was to be a baseball announcer on TV.  When that didn't pan out, I thought it would be fun to be an interpreter at the United Nations.  Instead, I ended up coding accounting software.  That's how I ended up writing romance novels.
Whew!  I made it through all seven factoids, and now to bestow The Irresistably Sweet Blog Award to seven awesome blogs.

Sarah J. McNeal
Jenny Twist
Marion Spicher
Adrianne Lee
Karen Harbaugh
Lindsay Townsend
Linda Banche

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