Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caroline Clemmons: Brazos Bride

Brazos Bride

by Caroline Clemmons

Hope Montoya is being poisoned, but who would do that? and why? Her father was murdered and her mother succumbed from a "wasting disease" that Hope now thinks was also poison. She must save herself, and save her ranch--neither of which is easy when she's too weak to even walk.

Micah Stone has just been acquitted of Alfredo Montoya's shooting but the townspeople aren't buying it. His cattle are dying of thirst and all that stands in the way of their survival is a pathway to the Brazos River--straight through Montoya land. Imagine his surprise when Hope, the woman who has haunted his dreams since he danced with her at the fandango, comes to him with a business deal. Can he save Hope, his cattle, and his dreams with his heart intact?

Every time I read a Caroline Clemmons book, I think it can't be better than the last one, but she somehow manages to raise the bar with each story. Brazos Bride is steeped in mystery, adventure, and romance with a handsome cowboy, a savvy heroine, and a vile villain. I can hardly wait for Micah's brothers' stories!

Note to Ms. Clemmons: write faster!

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Reviewed by Jacquie Rogers


Caroline Clemmons said...

Jacqquie, thanks for your great review!

Jacquie Rogers said...

You're very welcome. Now when's the next book coming out?!