Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aces Wild by Taylor Lee

Aces Wild
by Taylor Lee

Aces Wild

Hot romance and spell-binding action

Gabriel McKenna is an ex-US Marshall who, as leader of Angel's Avengers, now works for whoever can afford his exorbitant fee. Keep in mind that Angels Avengers includes two other alphas that deserve their own books. But that's not all--Gabe is also an ace poker player, and saloon owners love to have him around because he attracts so much business. He's both respected and feared.

Bring on Ana Li, daughter of wealthy Chinese businessman and ranch owner, Chao Li. Gabe's called because Chao's being threatened so visits the ranch, and upon the first meeting, you just know you're in for a great love story. Ana's in danger and isn't the easiest woman to protect. Gabe's concentration isn't always at its best when he's around her.

Aces Wild has everything--romance, adventure, intrigue, and some hot sex. If you like alpha heroes, you'll love Gabriel McKenna, aka Ace Angel.

You can't go wrong with a Taylor Lee book. I'm looking forward to reading more books in the Angel's Avengers series, because surely Eagle's and Gunnar's stories will be coming soon. I can't wait!

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