Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Site for Books!


My guest today is Mickie Sherwood (thanks Mickey!), author of Louisiana Hot Sauce.  She's created a cool new site where readers can browse and authors can entice us.  It's a gorgeous site, so let's just turn things over to her and she'll explain what it's all about.

I love to create sweet-to-sensual mainstream romantic love stories. Now, I have a place where readers and writers of sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance can congregate. A favorite line of mine from a movie is: "If you build it, he will come." Well, I've built it. Now, please come!

Feel like something sweet, sugary and satisfying? Or something satisfying, sweet and spicy? Come to my garden where sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance blurbs blossom. The pickings are blooming at Blurbs in Bloom.

If you would like an easier time of finding a sweet-to-sensual mainstream romance, then Blurbs in Bloom is just the place for you.

Readers, browse to your heart's content.

Authors, submit your blurbs that meet the posted submission guidelines. I need blurbs to showcase on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Become a blooming blurb benefactor. Don't disappoint your sweet-read readers.

Subscribe. Become a follower. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Now, enjoy this blurb from my first sweet, spicy romantic love story.

Louisiana Hot Sauce
by Mickie Sherwood


Reclusive Mesha Rayburn's safe haven disintegrated when athletic Jack Connolly raced into her life. He was like an uninvited guest to her pity party. Yet, his brashness stoked her dormant emotions and injected spunk into her veins with every bated word. And—calling the cinnamon-skinned Black woman "biggety" didn't help matters.

Mechanic Jack Connolly thought the trip down South to patch up and retrieve the bullet-ridden helicopter would be a pain. He never imagined the rhetoric becoming reality. But, thanks to Mesha's panicked outcry, it had. The pain radiating in his palm bothered him less than the one in his rear. She was bold and so beautiful. He had to know why she hid out in the boonies. As her transient tenant, he intended to find out at the risk of feeling the sting of her Louisiana Hot Sauce temper.

Louisiana Hot Sauce ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Check out Mickie's blog and her website for great books and some terrific recipes!  And be sure to take a look at Blurbs in Bloom!


Mickie said...

Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out about Blurbs in Bloom, Jacquie. I look forward to seeing readers and writers at my blooming blurbs garden.

Jacquie Rogers said...

Mickie, I hope people stop by your beautiful site and take a look. You did a fabulous job with it!

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Hey Mickie, congratulations on getting Ur baby Blurbs in Bloom birthed. On my way over to check it out. Continued success on all Ur endeavors.

Mickie said...


I'm glad you dropped in. It gives me a good feeling to share great blurbs with readers and authors.

I look forward for more to come!