Monday, April 22, 2013

#NewRelease! SINGLE GIRLS CAN'T JUMP by Jacquie Rogers #romance #adventure

Single Girls 
Can't Jump

This week brings more fun with another short story, Single Girls Can't Jump, this one set a thousand years in the future.  It's a departure from my westerns, sort of--but still fast-paced and hey, there are bounty hunters!

I hope you enjoy this wild, romantic adventure!

Back cover copy:

Activist Shelley Clark parachutes out of a plane to protest a silly Florida law prohibiting single women from skydiving on Sundays, and makes a hard landing a thousand years into the future. In jail!  Can she trust the sexy rebel, Kael Gibson, who busts her out?  And how about Kael's mom, who's decided Shelley would make the perfect daughter-in-law.  Kael agrees, and now wants to trap Shelley in another form of imprisonment--marriage!


Miss Shelley Clark, 28, was killed when her parachute slammed her into a tree while she was skydiving to protest the Florida law prohibiting unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday.

Being bashed into a tree is the last thing Shelley recalls when she wakes up in the Julienne Bay City Jail. That jump had happed the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, the year 2013. But according to Ginger Gibson, the elderly women with curly blue hair, this is the year 3026. Of course, Shelley believes Ginger is just a bit crazy. After all, Ginger claims to knit laser gun scabbards and pocket protectors for explosives. Yet when Ginger’s handsome son, Kael, breaks them out of prison, Shelley quickly realizes how sane the woman is. 

***** FIVE STARS! Every state has old laws that have been almost forgotten because they are outdated. Yet, legally, they are still laws. (For example, in Florida it is illegal to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant.) This story is based on one of Florida’s inane laws and at times I could not resist shaking my head in wonder. This tale was originally published in an anthology (No Law Against Love); however, this version has been edited for even more fun. 

Jacquie Rogers is an author with eclectic taste and showcases this variety in her writings. Packed with romance, excitement, and sass, this adventure has something for everyone. *****
~~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

Have you heard ridiculous laws that leave you wondering not only why they were ever passed, but also why they are still on the books? Obviously Jacquie Rogers has in her tongue-in-cheek comedy SINGLE GIRLS CAN'T JUMP. This delightful short story will leave you laughing. Shelly is determined to protest a law preventing single women from parachuting on Sundays. Unfortunately, her plan sends her a thousand years into the future. Well, not so unfortunately, because she meets a truly heroic hunk who shares her ideals. His mother is a corker and totally fun. This short story is a fast-paced fun read that is sure to please. I'm so glad I read it. I will undoubtedly reread it when I need a smile. 
~~ Caroline Clemmons, author of the Men of Stone Mountain series

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