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ATLANTIS (The Atlantis Series) by Lisa Graves

(The Atlantis Series)

Welcome to author Lisa Graves. She hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and dabbles in many worlds. Check out her bio on her website and you'll see why her books are so intriguing. Let's talk about the first book in The Atlantis Series, Atlantis.

JR: Would you please post the back cover copy to Atlantis?

LG: Elliott is a mystery.

For Lilly, he is an obsession.

Lilly's life starts to change dramatically when Elliott moves in next door. Weird things start to happen, and Lilly finds herself questioning her reality. But things aren't what they seem. Packed with hidden codes, Atlantis is a paranormal romance worth getting lost in.

Do you believe in Atlantis?

JR: Hidden codes are almost as fun as secret doors and caves. Could you tell us about the setting for this book?

LG: The setting of Atlantis is a little peculiar. Much of the book is set in the mind of the main character, Lilly. With the help of her boyfriend, Elliott, she learns how to project astrally using her mind. The adventures and world that is uncovered within is amazing.

Excerpt of Atlantis
by Lisa Graves
Available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and in print

“Still sitting and shaken, I looked around, trying to see where my subconscious had taken me. The bowing trees swayed around me. A familiar but more intense scent of lavender filled the air. Of course. I was in my meadow. This is where I always came to get my perspective back, or try to at least. But it was different.

There was an energy in the air that wasn’t usually there. It was as if I could feel the life force that emitted from the grass, the trees, the leaves. The sensation lightly pricked my skin like goosebumps. I shivered in reaction to it. Even the air seemed to be alive as it swirled playfully around me, making the wildflowers dance.

Significant as that was, it wasn’t the only difference.

I looked up and fell on my back in astonishment at the beauty of the sky above me. Normally, on a clear night, I would find the starry sky amazing. But this was spectacular.

It was as if my eyes were looking through a high-powered telescope. The clarity was awe inspiring. And that was before adding all of the colors. Above my head, different parts of the universe glowed. My eyes gazed at a red cloud sprinkled with bright white stars, several blue clouds with a few definite starry planets residing within them, and there was even a planet close enough that it took up a large portion of the horizon with its pearly white and purple swirling clouds. I had just discovered what could only be another galaxy, with its bicycle spoke shape spinning in midair, when I felt another energy enter the meadow.”
# # #

The first book in the Atlantis Series, Atlantis, takes place in three settings: a small suburban neighborhood, flashbacks to Lilly’s Italian past, and on the astral plane in her mind. Atlantis focuses on Lilly learning how to project and take control of her mind’s potential. Stonehenge, book two, delves even further into the possibilities of projection but utilizes ancient Stonehenge as it’s energy epicenter.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole of Lilly’s mind and check out Atlantis today!

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