Friday, August 3, 2012

The LOOK Challenge from @AKMorgen - tag @megmims @mattpizzolato @cathiedunn @mimibarbour

I've been tagged.

According to the rules, you're supposed to do a search in your work in progress for the word "look" and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s) and tag as many people as possible.  

Since the fourth Hearts of Owyhee  book is still in the plotting stage, I'm posting paragraphs from my new release, Much Ado About Mavericks.

The heroine in this book is quite a gal--she really kept me on my toes.  Her name is Janelle Kathryn O'Keefe but they call her "Jake."  And she's a handful!  You can read about how she came into being: Western Women Wranglers at Romancing the West.  Her name is Janelle Kathryn O'Keefe but they call her "Jake."  And she's a handful!  Here's the snippet:

“Howdy, Ben.” Marshal Hiatt didn’t even look up from his paperwork. “I thought you’d show up in a hurry.” He smirked, put down his pencil, and picked up his keys. “You probably want to see the prisoner.”

“Go to hell!” Jake called from the second cell, her hands on the bars. “The prisoner don’t want to see him.”

She had the beginnings of a shiner. Ben suppressed a smile. He’d never seen a woman with a black eye before, but from the looks of things, the poor fellow who picked a fight with her ended up in a lot worse shape. “So who threw the first punch?”

“Grady, from the Lazy B.” She cocked her head and grinned. “Didn’t do him no good, though. I busted his ugly nose and gave him a gut-ache he’ll remember for a day or two.”

The marshal chuckled. “His nose wouldn’t be so ugly if you hadn’t broke it twice before.”
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you think a Boston lawyer can keep up with her?

I'm tagging:
Meg Mims, @megmims
Matthew Pizzolato, @mattpizzolato
Cathie Dunn, @cathiedunn
Mimi Barbour, @MimiBarbour
Kathleen Rice Adams, @DisorderlyWords
Stephanie Berget, @StephanieBerget
Linda LaRoque, @LindaLaRoque
Karen Michelle Nutt, @KMNbooks


Meg said...

I LOVE this book! Halfway through and really enjoying it. I'll try to find some LOOKS in my WIP. I try to avoid it like the plague (cliche alert!) but we'll see. LOL

Kathleen said...

Jacquie, all of your Hearts of Owyhee stories to date have been such fun. I like writing about my Old West, but I think I'd rather have lived in yours. :-D

Jacquie Rogers said...

Meg, I'm glad you're liking Mavericks so far. As for "look," I found way, way too many when I did my search. Uh oh!

Jacquie Rogers said...

Kathleen, I try to find the unusual, but in reality people did have a lot of fun in the Old West just like they found fun in any other time. I love reading about social events in old newspapers--found several I'm using in Much Ado About Miners. :)

Ayden said...

I love the snippet, Jacquie. Jake is feisty! Thanks for playing. :)

Linda LaRoque said...

This is going to be a fun read!

Lorrie Farrelly said...

Love feisty heroines! Reading "Mavericks" will be a lot of fun!

Cindy said...

It's quite obvious the name Janelle means 'SASS' in cowboy speak. Whoot!

Loved it... ;-P