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Meet Me at Fountain Park by Mindy Killgrove: Blogger Book Fair #BBF


Meet Me at Fountain Park

All this week I've featured Blogger Book Fair authors and their books, and today we have Mindy Killgrove. She's the author of Meet Me at Fountain Park and is the creator of the blog: Mindy’s Thoughts on Love and Other Funny Things.

Mindy Killgrove
Meet Me at Fountain Park is the second offering in the Missy Lawrence Trilogy. Meet Me at the Pond, the first installment, was named the Reader’s Choice Award for Women’s Fiction during the bi-annual Blogger Book Fair.

Killgrove is a former journalist and non-fiction author. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children, where she teaches high school English.

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Jacquie: Give us a brief bio and tell us what has driven you to write in your genre.

Mindy: I’ve always considered myself a storyteller. A few years ago, I was in the midst of spinning a yarn when one of my colleagues suggested that I write a book. I’d been writing my own little novels since I was a child, so this was not the first time that I’d thought about putting my words on paper. Now, a few years after creating an idea for a book series, I’ve accomplished my goal and had two books published.

Jacquie: Please share the cover blurb for Meet Me at Fountain Park.

Mindy: Everything changes, or at least that’s what they say. For Missy Lawrence, this old adage just doesn’t fit. Her life has come to an unsolicited standstill. Her job as a news reporter for WSTA-Charlotte is miraculously mundane and her love life is practically non-existent. Even though she tries, she can’t seem to pull herself out of this rut.

While she’s stuck in between, all of her friends are finding themselves in a flurry of activities: Brooklyn’s moving in with Duke, Benson and Jack are heading across the country in search of stardom, and Adair is preparing to walk down the aisle and wed the man of her dreams. As her social engagements pile up, she notices that her calendar has reached maximum capacity because of her friends and their obligations. Missy now realizes that she is going to have to make a huge decision: Will she stay in the past or will she join her capricious pals and take a leap of her own?

Jacquie: Why do you write in the romance genre? 

Mindy: I elected to begin my writing career in the romance genre because it’s just so much fun to read (and to write). I wanted to start by writing something that my friends would read. I aimed to create a light piece of fiction that would be fun to read at the end of a long work day.

Jacquie: If a person who had never read a romance asked you for a recommendation, what novel or movie would you recommend and why?

Mindy: I love media. I’m a huge movie buff and I have to read something every single day. My favorite author is Charlaine Harris- at the moment. Everything she touches is pure golden. The Sookie Stackhouse Series is truly her best work, but I’m in the midst of enjoying the Harper Connelly Series as well. As for movies, the BBC version of “Pride and Prejudice” is my favorite romantic movie. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Jacquie: Why must Missy Lawrence take this particular story journey?

Mindy: In Meet Me at the Pond, Missy learns a lot about falling in love and allowing past relationships to provide stepping stones. In the first book, she has a lot of relationship background to build. In this book, Meet Me at Fountain Park, Missy has to start making decisions that will lead to her own happiness. First, she gets the knowledge, now she has to be ready to put that information to work for her own good.

Jacquie: What’s next? Is Meet Me at Fountain Park a part of a series?

Mindy: Absolutely. This is the second book in the trilogy. Meet Me at Rock Creek will be the final adventure for Missy Lawrence and her crew. These ladies have grown together (and in some cases drifted apart), but in the final installment, all of their questions will come to the final point: “Love is like running a race—it isn’t easy for anyone.”

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