Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New release! Wolf Creek 6: HELL ON THE PRAIRIE #western #anthology #amreading

Hell on the Prairie
Wolf Creek: Book 6

Released today!!! Wolf Creek: Hell on the Prairie. It's an anthology of seven short stories, all featuring characters in or connected to the Wolf Creek series, and offering  in-depth understanding of your favorite Wolf Creek residents.  Check out Romancing The West, where there'll be giveaways on each day this week.

If you're not familiar with the Wolf Creek series, you're missing out! Written under the house name Ford Fargo (the house name for Western Fictioneers), each book is the collaboration of some of the best western writers in the business, steered by Troy Smith, who also writes two WC characters. Links to all the Wolf Creek books are at the end of this article, just above the contest announcement.  For more information on the story world, visit Wolf Creek, Kansas.

My story is Muleskinners: Judge Not.  Here's the official blurb:
"Muleskinners: Judge Not" by Jacquie Rogers. Elsie Parry and her father were only passing through Wolf Creek — but they did so right in the middle of the outlaw raid portrayed in Book 1: Bloody Trail. A raid that has a lot more to do with them than they knew...

You can read blurbs to all the stories at the Western Fictioneers blog.

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Wolf Creek: Hell on the Prairie
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Wolf Creek, Book 1: Bloody Trail
Wolf Creek, Book 2: Kiowa's Vengeance
Wolf Creek, Book 3: Murder in Dogleg City
Wolf Creek, Book 4: The Taylor County War
Wolf Creek, Book 5: Showdown at Demon's Drop
Wolf Creek, Book 6: Hell on the Prairie

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