Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emerald City Writers' Conference

The Emerald City Writers' Conference (Oct. 10-12, Bellevue, WA) promises to be excellent, as usual! Here's the blurb the conference chair sent:

"We have three outstanding luncheon/keynote speakers (NYT bestselling authors Susan Mallery, Julia Quinn, and Allison Brennan,) excellent workshops, a comfortable and welcoming venue, and we have the lovely, the talented, the indomitable and indefatigable, the one-woman motivational machine, Cherry Adair! She wants you to finish the "Write the Damn Book" challenge, and so do we! When all that isn't going on, we have seven agents and editors in attendance and looking forward to meeting with you!"

Of course, Eilis Flynn and I will be presenting Faeries Along the Silk Road on Saturday. Also on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 4pm is an event we all love--massive romance booksigning! Yes, it's the Emerald City Bookfair, and often 50 or more romance authors are signing--many are NYT Best-selling authors. Eilis and I will be there, too. :) You don't have to register for ECWC to attend the bookfair.

See you there!


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