Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation Video Fun!

My husband and I have had lots of fun this summer, for sure! We had Mercedes’ two girls, each for two weeks, then Mercedes, her fiance, and both girls stayed for five days.

Baby Mo Part I (This whole vacation video was her idea—she’s 8. She was involved with every process, including structure, and took a good percentage of photos—she’s very talented—so I was merely her technician.)

Baby Mo Part II

Yana Part I (Yana picked out the music, and I had the freedom to play around with hers. Am still working on Part II.)

Mercedes and Rod Part I

Judy’s picnic: What’s Not to Laik?

I'm currently working on Yana Part II, and still need to do Mercedes Part II, and ChunYun (she's only getting one video, poor thing). I'm not sure whether I'll make one for the August birthday party or not. Sometime or other, I do need to write, not to mention work on my own graphics and website.

Highland Press has lots of good books lined up for 2009. Be watching for pirates and dragons! And more faeries!



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